Presentation of preliminary results at international conferences

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2015) Foreign policy of post-communist countries after the EU enlargement: From post-accession fatigue to exporting the democratic transition, Democracy in East Central Europe before and after EU Integration: A debate about pre- and post-accession conditionality, Central European University (Hungary)

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2015) Global Citizenship, Glam Dirt and the Right-Left Debate: The Invention of International Development Studies in Post Communist Romania, American Political Science Association Annual Meeting 2015, San Francisco (USA), 3-6 September 2015.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2015) Democratic consolidation, protest movements and cosmopolitan attitudes in EU emergent donor countries, Crisis or renewal? - Democracy in hard times and the rise of party/protest movements,University of Aveiro (Portugal), 19 June 2015
GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2015) Do emergent donors exist?, Global South Caucus Conference of the International Studies Association, Singapore Management University (Singapore), 8-10 January 2015.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2014c) Imagining international economy and a better world: Non-business related perspectives on CSR in EU emergent donors of international development aid, 4th Organisational Governance Conference, Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (Romania), 15-16 September 2014.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2014b) The ODA policies of EU emergent donors, Annual Thematic Conference 2014 of the International Center for Development and Decent Work (ICDD), University of Kassel (Germany), 3-4 July 2014.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2014b) Beyond Conditionality: Development Policies of the EU 'Emergent Donors' in Comparative Perspective, ECPR Joint Sessions (Workshop Ten Years On: Evaluating Eastern Enlargement), University of Salamanca (Spain), 10-15 April 2014.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2013a) The 'Democratisation Experience' Argument in International Development Policy Design: Central and Eastern European Countries as Emerging ODA Donors, UACES 43rd Annual Conference, Leeds (UK), 2-4 September 2013.

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2013b) Investing Eastwards: International Aid Policies of the New EU Members Towards the Former Soviet Space, UACES 43rd Annual Conference, Leeds (UK), 2-4 September 2013.

Presentation of preliminary results at national conferences

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2013c) Is international regionalism relevant for ODA?, Annual Conference of the Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development, Cluj-Napoca, 17 May 2013.

Brief presentations of preliminary results within interventions on larger topics presented at international conferences

GHICA, Luciana Alexandra (2013d) History of a discipline or sociology of a profession? Political Science in Post Communist Romania, 19th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Political Science Association, Cluj-Napoca, 31 May 2013.